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Python Data Science Toolbox, my review

Hello everyone! Currenly I learn more about how use python to analyze data. So, I catch some Datacamp's courses. One of the last taken was "Python Data Science Toolbox - Par 1", to learn the art of writing functions and some key concepts like scoping and error handling in Python.

Contain three parts :

  • Writing your own functions.
  • Default arguments-Scope.
  • Lambda functions and handle errors.

The course it's good if you know the basics of python and want to improve your skills for become a Data Science or Data Engineer.

  • Writing your own functions: Actually, we listen about Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib libraries ,more common using in data analytics. But, like a developer, you need to write your own functions to solve problems in your data.

  • Default arguments-Scope: this part is important for build custom functions, when you need multiple parameters and multiple return values.

  • Lambda functions and handle errors: "Lambda" it's a buzzword, in this part your can learn step by step how build one and handle errors in your own function with a lot of samples.

Each part help you to write fantastic functions to analyze dataframes, and you'll have super powers to practice in the real world with big projects.

The course link is here:

Thanks for read :)

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