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My Side Projects

I am creating several projects on top of Blockstack. Most of them are serverless and I will opensource all of them by next month. Would love to hear suggestions on how I can improve the reach of our apps. The goal is to improve SEO and get traffic from there, does this scale? Is it possible for a single studio launch several apps that become popular only relying on search engines?

Stackfolio - An encrypted crypto portfolio tracker

Memocards - Create & Study Flashcards Online

minihabits is a private habit tracker that helps you build good habits and quit bad habits.

PDFSTACK is an easy-to-use PDF utility that is designed to split and merge PDF documents.

pDrive is an encrypted file storage

Bitcoin4Photos is a marketplace to buy and sell stock photos for bitcoin

pForms is a simple yet powerful form builder

dBlog is a decentralized blogging platform

Secure Calendar is a private calendar tool

BitPatron is a decentralized, censorship-free Patreon alternative

MyPodium is a fun audio only social network

Photo Vault is a free encrypted photo storage solution

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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