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Vinicius Lovato
Vinicius Lovato

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Hello, World!

Hello, everyone!

I've always wanted to start blogging and write about technology, but I was never confident enough. I was constantly making excuses to avoid writing... "not good enough", "not interesting enough", "my english is bad", "no one would read" and so forth.

Over the last few months I've been thinking about my career and life and I realized, among other things, that I spend too much time thinking instead of acting. I have a lot of ideas, stories and thoughts I want to share with you and... why not? I'm extremely excited to start this new journey!

Also feel free to correct my grammar - I barely blog even in Portuguese, writing in english will be a challenge for sure! :D

I also thank Bruno Drugowick for encouraging me to start writing, check his blog posts! :)

See you soon!

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

Bem-vindo Vinicius!

Congrats for writing this first post.
It requires courage to fight the fear of writing,
and without that first step,
none of your future articles would have happened.

Speaking of which: what do you want to write about next?

bam92 profile image
Abel Lifaefi Mbula

You did it already and you can do more. No one has started as a great writer, just the courage to start and be open to criticism and suggestions.

brunodrugowick profile image
Bruno Drugowick

I'm so happy and honoured that you felt encouraged by me! Looking forward to read your stuff!