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Top Tricks Hackers do to infect your system on Social Internet

In Recent years, number of hackers and cyber techies are increasing day by day as users of social networking sites grown. Out there, Many attackers use their technical knowledge to infect other’s computers while compromising sensitive data. You may hear about a variety of social engineering tricks that can harm your system by a great extent. They may use social media, phone calls, or any other method and lure victims to provide sensitive personal or corporate information.

In this case, hackers try to obtain personal information of target individuals; it may include names, social security numbers, and addresses as well. They make use of some embed links to redirect users towards some suspicious URLs that usually appear to be legitimate. In this case, attackers create a sense of urgency to the victims so that they can act promptly and get trapped.

**Fake Authorities
In this case, Attackers try to create some good pretext or fabricated set up with an aim to steal personal information of victims. Such types of attacks are executed by some scammer who pretends that they require a specific type of sensitive information for your welfare. They often try to manipulate targets and force them to take some actions that could exploit the structural weakness of a company or organization.

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