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Building FullStack Serverless Application using AWS-SAM — Part 5/5

vinodhthiagarajan1309 profile image Vinodh Thiagarajan ・1 min read

Being a procrastinator this series is a new benchmark for me. I hereby complete what I intended to do.

In the last 1 month, I have delivered ~2 hours worth of hands-on content where a Fullstack Serverless Application was built using the AWS's Serverless Application Model.

This is the stack,

  • UI built using Vue.js
  • Backend using AWS Lambda
  • Persistence using AWS Dynamo DB
  • Service rendering using AWS API Gateway
  • Static Hosting using AWS Amplify

Backend GitHub -> https://github.com/VinodhThiagarajan1309/sam-food-truck-endpoints

Vue FrontEnd -> https://github.com/VinodhThiagarajan1309/food-truck-app

Feel free to fork and send in interesting PR if at all interested.

This is the very recent and the final part of the series ->

This is the whole series playlist -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm77mruelczpEolgQCKa4S9cNkCMp7qSv


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