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Vinodh Thiagarajan
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Just Start that YouTube Channel - Don't think - I'm an Accidental Youtuber

August 16th,2016 a Java Developer stepped into Big Data world. Someone said to him that he might need to wrap his head around the Hadoop Eco System. Udemy was not this famous back then, Youtube was but keeping in mind his teammates this guy created a "How to Install Hortonworks On Mac". This guy was me, I uploaded it and 1 more video on Cascading into my personal channel and shared the link to my teammates. 2 things happened here, I forgot to make to my uploads Unlisted and I forgot this for the next 5 months.

Happens to be that this is the same channel I used to upload my kid's funny memories and share it with my parents as unlisted videos and remove them after a while.

My mom called me in December 2016 and said I have a couple of videos and people have asked questions in comments. I was like WHAAT? That's the spark. It's now a Hobby, I even made 1$ and then came Youtube's monetization policy.

My publishings are towards a very narrow audience and people have watched my content from almost all the countries and I get at least 5-10 views a day. Each year I gain ~100 subscribers starting from 2017 and now I have ~371 subscribers. I publish only when I want to publish and even if there are 1000 other similar videos I just believe that I have my signature when I upload. I know that I'm not PewDiePie but I have this Url is my Resume now and I have seen the hiring team talk about the same during my interviews, they do visit.

I know that many of you have this slightest idea but have this hesitation to do it or not. My advice - Just do it.

I decided to write because today my channel's lifetime view crossed 100,000 views that's a big deal to me. I know a single video of Duck chasing a Squirrel will get a million views easily in a day but the thought that your work/voice/face is enabling someone somewhere in countries where you are pretty sure you will never visit in your life is kind of fascinating to me.

Just do it, you will not know what you will reap but definitely there is no downside to it.


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