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SEO urls for Opencart multi vendor pages on seller side

Opencart multi-vendor marketplace extension turns any Opencart Store into an Amazon-style marketplace. Our Opencart Marketplace extension has over 50+ features. Our feature-rich extension is the one-stop-shop where developers, teams or organizations can discover and acquire as well as offer multiple Vendors to sell their products and manage them from their personal dashboard, avail online payments, shipping gateways, 18+ language, give post-sales services, customer ratings, vendor profile and more on your marketplace extension. To know more about our extension, try our live demo now!

If you want to remove the link “purpletree_multivendor” from Purpletree multivendor sellers side pages. You can remove it by using the SEO URL. SEO URL will replace “purpletree_multivendor” with a multivendor that’s mean purpletree_multivendor works as multivendor. Opencart SEO provides various ways for improving the search engine ranking of a store. Let’s fix this.

Go to Admin > System > Settings > Edit > server tab > select Use SEO URLs “Yes” then save.

After using the SEO URL on your site if any other type of error occurs, so this means that you don’t have an htaccess file in your Opencart.
As you can see in the screenshot the “purpletree_multivendor” does not appear on Purpletree multivendor pages.

If your issue is still not solved or facing some other kind of problem-related to Purpletree multivendor, please raise a ticket with us from
For more details please visit Purpletree Opencart Multivendor marketplace

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