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Discussion on: Nginx Serving Compressed Multiple Static Files w/ Unique Paths using Docker for Improved Performance ⏩ ⏩ ⏩

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Vishal Raj

In case you start the docker containers to run in background, you can always use the command - docker logs -f to see the log output from the selected container. You can also specify multiple container ids / names.

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alxizr Author

Mate you're absolutely right, but you didn't pay attention. The focus is not on docker but the nginx machine and the configurations we fancy.

I could obviously choose a different method to demonstrate this for example using a linux VM and install Nginx from scratch with curl and what not.. Then this article would be a mile long.

Docker is a tool to make you more productive and get going as soon as possible. It allows you and others who may be less familiar with it to start working very quickly just by running some commands that i specified. I also added the nuances that if you do have some docker background then just take in mind why i chose this command over another.

Have a good week man 😎😎😎