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Native or Cross Platform: What's Best for Your Next App? (external)

See the original blog post in QBurst blog.

Whether to opt for native development or cross-platform is a question as old as the major mobile platforms themselves. Yet it continues to vex clients on the verge of their next app project even in 2023.

  • “Shall we use cross platform or native development?”
  • “I heard that React Native costs less, so can we use it?”
  • “Why Airbnb moved to native development lately?”

I hear a lot of such questions from clients all the time. They are always confused which technology to choose to build their next app. They hear a lot that cross platform is cheaper, but confused why still many people are opting for native development.

I am exploring the options from the experience that I had in the last decade working on both native and cross platform tools to build mobile apps. This will help you to make a decision whether to choose cross platform or native development to build your next mobile app. Read the blog post here.

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