Create Synoptic Maps with Angular

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I wonder if they know any way to create synoptic panels with angular. That is, something that allowed to select a certain area in an image (png, svg ...) and that allowed to associate a reference to a location. For example, having a plant in a building, and associating several rooms with that image.


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Not sure about any specific native angular approach to this, but I'm guessing that this can be done by creating a component that uses HTML5 canvas + some js graphics library like D3.js or GraphicsJS


I will take a look on that.
Thanks Ibrahim


It's been a while, but I decided actually to make an (incredibly) primitive version of this: github.com/GeorgeIpsum/ngx-synopti...

It uses Canvas API + RxJS + Angular, not sure if functionality wise this is actually what you were looking for

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