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iPad Mockup: How It Can Make Your Life Better

Professional presentations of website and application designs or marketing strategies would be so much better if ensconced in a really great frame: iPad mockup.

The modern digital world truly makes professional presentations exciting. There was a time when preparing presentations in professional settings is very intimidating. How do you make your presentation neat? How will you make it interesting and not boring? Is there a way to make slides pop out?

Well, slides are great but mockups are just exciting. You want to excite your audience when you demonstrate to them your digital output. So make sure you create something that won’t bore your audience with free PSD mockup products via UX Planet. The website’s latest lineup comprises a great selection of mockup templates that are useful to any of your digital campaign needs. All are available in PSD file and Sketch format.

iPad mockup

If you want to showcase your app, the iPad mockup is a great frame for that. The iPad is versatile and convenient. It is easy to lug around because it is so small. But the screen is more than double that of the iPhone, even with an iPad Mini. So basically, if you want to do other mobile stuff, the iPad is just so much better because of its larger screen. You can read or reply to your emails without messing up the letters because of the small keypads. You can also enjoy looking at photos and watching movies wherever you are because of the much-larger screen.

Even with larger tablets like iPad Airs, it is never bulky. It may have a larger screen but it is so slim and light—just like air!

Here are the ways that an iPad mockup can make your life better:

Quick and simple

So you get a call at night from your boss saying you need to prepare a work presentation and you have to present it first thing in the morning. The boss apologizes for the late notice but there was nothing he could do. It may seem like you are in a terrible bind, but the iPad mockup can really save your behind!

The first thing you need is an iPad Pro PSD mockup. This is the best frame for the job because this is actually the closest type of iPad to a MacBook. Why is that significant? Because you mostly do your work on a laptop or a desktop. The fact that the iPad Pro is just like a MacBook, only lighter and easy to lug around, will give your presentation and air of seriousness. But then with the right free iPad mockup, you can make it more interesting, which also reads as “not boring.”

So how easy is it to do?

  1. Download the vector mockup you have chosen.
  2. Open it on Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.
  3. Find the image with a Smart Object and insert the image you want reflected in the mockup through the smart layer. You can do this with a simple drag and drop.
  4. If you need to edit some stuff, do so with the file layers.
  5. Save the mockup.

That’s it—five simple steps to thoroughly wow your boss and audience with a last-minute presentation.

Neat presentation

The mockup is very clean, especially if you got it from a reliable source. There are also so many kinds of mockups that you can use, depending on what your presentation is about. A perspective mockup, for example, is good at showing different angles of a digital product as well as details.

One of the neatest and practical mockups that would be appropriate for showcasing a website design is the iPad and iPhones mockup. This kind of mockup puts the iPad and iPhone side by side in one frame. What does this do? It demonstrates the difference between how your digital product will look on an iPad and on an iPhone. This kind of frame is vital when showcasing a digital product for an investor. The latter would love to see how the product will look in different screens.

There is also a more expansive frame—the devices mockup. Aside from the iPhone and iPad, this mockup also includes the iMac, MacBook and in some cases, the Apple Watch. This is the neatest frame to showcase the versatility of the product. This then bring us to the next advantage of the iPad mockup or mockup in general.


Whatever kind of presentation you will be doing, there is a perfect mockup for it. For example, you want to present an e-book or an e-book application. The most important part here is that you can show that the words will be clearly showcased on the mockup. There are also various ways by which you can showcase the e-book via a mockup. There are simple iPad mockups that just show the iPad on the frame. This is well and good because you can clearly show the page of the book, which will be plastered on the screen. But this might be preferable if you are demonstrating a children’s book or a non-fiction book with a lot of images. This is even better for photo-based design books. Make sure you have a high resolution mockup to enrich the photos.

However, just showing the iPad is quite boring for a regular e-book where you only see words. For this stuff, you should use a mockup that includes the hands of a person holding the iPad. There are also frames where the person is holding the iPad with a background that could be a home or nature or whatever is available online. This would elevate the presentation as it is very telling that your e-book can be enjoyed wherever the reader happens to be at a certain moment.

Elevates your product

With the right mockup, your digital product will definitely be elevated. It is not just a product, it becomes a part of a story. And with a story done right, it becomes a vital part of life. Let’s say your digital product is an e-commerce website. You can showcase your output through the right mockup with photos of what people need from the e-commerce store. When you present it right, you will give off the vibe that every person needs to go to that e-commerce site. Or if it is an application, then the audience would want to download the app in order to have access to the products because your beautiful professional presentation via mockup says so.

Whatever it is you have to showcase, the iPad mockup is just the right fit. The iPad is certainly a good investment and so using this device as a tool to show off your digital output is a wonderful idea!

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