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Emotion controls for the web


Imagine interacting on the web through emotions with your face.

This is a browser extension for chrome and firefox that allows you to interact with some websites.




The controls are pretty simple you just need your face:


Install the extension

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • You have to allow access to the webcam on the websites that I mentioned above.


  • I recommend to disable the extension or closing the website if you are not using it, because it works even if the tab is not active or you open a new tab in the browser.

  • To interact on facebook twitter and instagram, you have to open the publication, it doesn't work in the timeline.

  • If you are wearing glasses, it may be difficult for the recognition system to detect a happy or angry face.


Source code

  • the extension is opensource and you can see that no information is stored on any server.

  • You can disable or remove the extension in any time.

Source code on Github


Due copyright thing I had to use this song

"It's My Life" Cover - BON JOVI by Dan Vasc

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