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STORY 1: #Developer at work. Attention Please!

We developers are so hooked up with the stuff we do, we rarely pay attention to what we actually say during the day. Here some of the top things that you can hear the developers say if you pay attention.

  1. Did you merge my request?
  2. That is not a bug, it's a new feature.
  3. That is so stupid. What kind of a test case is that?
  4. We will work on it later.
  5. Dev: No! that can't be done. TL: It can be done within an hour.
  6. Why the hell does the Internet not work.
  7. I need another cup of coffee.
  8. The work is almost done. I will send it into testing tomorrow!
  9. Let's optimize it a bit more.
  10. That is not interesting at all.
  11. There are no log files.
  12. Hit Fiddler and check if the API works.
  13. It works on my machine.
  14. Update your browser.
  15. The USB cable is loose.
  16. The editor has hanged yet again.
  17. Remove node_modules folder and install it again.[by Adler Coelho Santos]
  18. and many many more ...

Add to the list if you have some funny ones too!

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Adler Coelho Santos
  1. Remove node_modules folder and install it again.
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Visakh Vijayan

Cool hihi