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Learning React Js

Visakh Vijayan
Willing to learn anything and everything exciting. Always awake. Skips food for fun.
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Why ...

So, I have been trying to learn ReactJs as I have heard that it is pretty fast and all kinds of stuff about it. But I am a little old school. I can't memorize stuff if I don't write it down somewhere. So from now onwards this is my scribbling pad. Please feel free to shout out in the comments if you see me writing down something stupid.

So far I think I know ...

  1. What is React Js
  2. Why do I want to use it
  3. What is the big deal with JSX
  4. Tools to use
  5. Now let's install React already
  6. What are you Babelling about
  7. Expressions in JS
  8. let and const

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