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Victor Nwoguru
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Where To Find Free Resources To Jumpstart Your Software Development Career

The journey to becoming a software developer can be hard when you are not exposed to the right learning resources. The truth is, there are so many resources online, however, most of these resources are not beginner-friendly or properly structured to guide learners. Someone asked me recently where he could find free learning resources online to start learning and honing his software development skills. His request inspired me to write this article to help as many that would be in need of this. I would be highlighting a few platforms that have helped many beginners over the years navigate the learning hurdles to becoming professional developers.



W3Schools is a good place to start with as a beginner. They have tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, C#, R, SQL, PHP, ASP, Node, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and more. There are also tests and exercises to practice what you have learnt.

Visit w3school



This is another great platform that has helped a lot of people jumpstart their careers in software development. You can see this fact from the testimonies on their website. The amazing thing about FreeCodeCamp is that you get a certificate when you finish a course. You learn at your pace and you get real-world experience when done.

Visit FreeCodeCamp

Odin Project


Odin project provides you with a structured full stack curriculum that includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Node, Databases, Ruby and Ruby on Rails. You will also be able to connect with other students and build a portfolio of projects.

Visit Odin Project


YouTube is a great place to learn anything you desire to learn. There are awesome, experienced and well-grounded tutors dishing out tutorials week in week out on YouTube that you can learn from. A few of them are;

Travsey Media - Full stack Web Development

Kevin Powell - Frontend Development

FreeCodeCamp - Software Development, Machine Learning, AI, Gaming and more.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article helps someone looking for this information. Even as experienced devs these platforms are also helpful for learning new skills and refreshing the mind with basic concepts.

Please feel free to add more platforms in the comment section. Peace ✌️.

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