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Discussion on: Running Laravel on Docker is really easy with Kool

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Vladimir Nikolic

Please dont take me wrong, had to ask.
You said:
" you can (and we have done) just use it in production as well, but that is not advised"
Why would you do something on production, business, source of incomes, etc.. if you are not recommending it?
I am really confused.
Why is not advised, what Are the reasons? You are using it. Please help me understand Fabricio

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Fabrício José Souza

Thanks for asking, indeed it came out a little confusing. Let me clarify:

What is not advised is to use the very same Docker Compose structure we use for local development, to a production deployment. We did that in the beginning for how easy it was... But when we talk about production we need to think about scaling/monitoring/observability/etc...

That is why for production we parse the Docker Compose local env to a Kubernetes namespace, where we are more provisioned and prepared to keep good care of production grade containers.

So Docker Compose is great for running a set of containers together, which helps a lot development of container based applications. But when we talk production, we will use those very same containers, but in a different orchestrator, to help us with the requirements of a production deployment.

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Fabrício José Souza

And just to add to it - Kool CLI will help you all the way for local development in multiple languages/microservices/frameworks...

To move all that to production, we are cooking what we call Kool Cloud for helping making any Docker Compose based local environment deployable to a Kubernetes cluster. That is the coming soon/stay tuned part of my initial answer all about.