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Nevertheless, Vlatka Pavišić Coded

I began coding...

At the age of 16. I moved to the capital of Croatia to have a better school. The school was focused on maths and science. My schoolmates already did 2 years of programming so I had to catch up with them in one semester. The language was Pascal. I got hooked from the very start and decided to continue my education in that direction. A few years later I had a Master's Degree in Computer Science and a lot of lines of code written in assembler, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby...

I continued coding...

At work. I work as a software engineer for a recruitment platform for students in Paris, France. My choice of career has made it possible for me to move to the city of my dreams :)

At home. I have a personal project - food blog I developed from scratch called Cuisine Hacker ( Also I'm currently studying Machine Learning at Coursera so I do some programming assignments for that too.

At Women on Rails workshops. I mentor women who want to learn Ruby on Rails.

My advice for women who want to learn programming...

Be optimistic, confident and patient. You will not reach your goal overnight. It will take a lot of hours spent with your laptop, a lot of thinking and discipline... I would suggest you to have a systematic approach towards learning. Learn from books, tutorials, online courses... Make notes. And when you learn the theory and syntax, get to the practise part. Make a personal project that connects your interests and programming (like I did with my blog). Attend local meetups and connect with the community.

Tech is a great industry to be in. I am never bored at work, whether I'm solving a problem, searching for the cause of the bug, or learning some new technology... Also programmers are well-paid :D I'd like to inform the girls and women of all the benefits and one day have a more gender-balanced tech world.

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