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How to Stream Online Radio Using VLC Player On Your PC?

We all know that VLC Media Player helps to play online audio and videos in any format. This media player is free for downloading. It can also stream music and play videos while they are downloading from the internet. Here, we will see how to stream online radio to your PC via a VLC player. You can hear most of the online radio for free of cost. Let’s see them below.

Features of VLC

  • This software almost supports every video and audio file format and plays every media.
  • It is used to convert any medial file formats without using additional plugins.
  • VLC can stream media over the local network as well as on the internet.
  • It supports many platforms like Windows , Mac, ** and **Linux.

Stream Online Radio to PC

Kindly, follow the below-given instructions to stream online radio on your system.

  • Before all else, you need to have a .m3u ** or **.pls broadcast link of your favorite radio station. Then, follow the procedure given below.
.m3u and .pls are a computer file format for a multimedia playlist. 
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  • You need to launch the VLC Media Player software on your system.
  • Go to the Media tab , and select the Open Network Stream.. option from the menu.

Open Network Stream
Open Network Stream

  • After that, it will display the Open Media dialog box.
  • Under the Network tab , you have to enter ** the **.m3u or .pls URL in the “ Please enter a network URL ” box.
  • For instance, here, we provided 181 FM links. You can use this to play the radio stream on your PC.
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Paste the URL
Paste the URL

  • After that, you have to click the Play button.

Hit the Play button
Hit the Play button

  • Sooner or later, your online radio will start to stream and play live from VLC Player.

Additional Reference

Nowadays, Radio streaming links are now harder to find! So in the below zip file, you can find the numerous list of BBC’s Live streaming links.

  • You can download more BBC radio links using the below link.
  • With the help of this link, you can quickly get down the .m3u and .pls URL.

Radio Stream Link Collection Download.Zip

Sample Radio Links

#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 1
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 2
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 3
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 4
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 4 LW (UK only)
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 4 LW (non-UK)
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 5 live (UK only)
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 5 live (non-UK)
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 6 Music
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 1Xtra
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 4 Extra
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio 5 Live sports extra (UK only)
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Asian Network
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - BBC World Service
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - BBC Essex
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - BBC Hereford Worcester
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Berkshire
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Bristol
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Cambridge
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Cornwall
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Cumbria
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Cymru
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Cymru 2
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Derby
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Devon
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Foyle
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Gloucestershire
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Guernsey
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Humberside
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Jersey
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Kent
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Lancashire
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Leeds
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Leicester
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Lincolnshire
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio London
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Manchester
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Merseyside
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio nan Gaidheal
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Newcastle
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Norfolk
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Northampton
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Nottingham
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Orkney
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Oxford
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Scotland FM
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Scotland MW
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Sheffield
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Shropshire
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Solent
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Solent West Dorset
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Somerset Sound
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Stoke
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Suffolk
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Surrey
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Sussex
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Tees
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Ulster
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Wales
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio Wiltshire
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio WM
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Radio York
#EXTINF:-1,BBC - Three Counties Radio
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This tutorial helped you to know how to stream online radio to your PC via VLC player. You can check out more VLC related posts on our site

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