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My first gatsby site


I have been coding inconsistently for the past eight months and working on other none coding activities, I currently built my first gatsby site apart from being my first gatsby site it is also the first site I have built using a javascript framework. I prefer working on backend projects but working on my first gatsby site has been interesting.

I built this simple site using gatsby and semantic-ui. It took me two days I had to level up especially on React as it had been a while since I have used it.

Gatsby documentation

The gatsby documentation is extremely easy and user-friendly and I would advise anyone who would wish to create a gatsby site to consider using the documentation as some of the docs are accompanied by videos for those who prefer using videos.

Gatsby Development

For me, it was not as smooth as I thought it would since the guys who had used it seemed to find it easy to use and most of them completed the projects in two to three hours for me it took two days.
But building the blog was extremely easy since it used the markdown concept that simplified everything especially for a newbie like myself.
Creation of links and new pages was also very easy credits to the gatsby team.
The fact that it uses React and es6 is also an added advantage.

Personal thoughts

For me, I would definitely use gatsby again due to the ease and simplicity of building these sites.
Right now I am working on my skills on graphql as I came to understand one of the pillars of gatsby is that it uses graphql and understanding it would be a big plus for me and anyone who would love to learn and use gatsby.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge was deploying my app to github pages, the build was passing but my gh-pages link was returning a blank page with only the read-me info, I deployed it on netlify as it was easier.

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