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Toward GCP Data Engineer certification

I've finished an advanced course on Coursera, namely Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam. It helped me realize many useful options for GCP storages, databases, and ETL pipelines.

Don't expect to be taught the touchstone concepts here. The purpose of them in this course is to help you evaluate your preparedness. Seek training in the technical training courses, documentation, labs, and so forth.

I didn't have enough time to learn through the corresponding specialization. One author of the specialization is @lak_gcp and he has published 2 great books that cover a lot of the details I didn't know well

For what was not clear enough, I went to the GCP solutions and Apache Hadoop docs.

Halfway toward the Google certified Data Engineer exam, I'm reviewing the course contents one more time, jotting down important concepts and ideas.

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