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Research study: How C# developers adopt new language features?

Are you a C# programmer? Do you improve the way you code? Regardless if you feel comfortable with trying new things or you rather prefer to work what you already know and have mastered, it is you we are lookng for!

C# is one of the fastest developing mainstream programming languages. Its new revisions deliver new features that help programmers in writing more concise and more expressive code. However, we see that not all new features are used in the same way. We want to understand how these features are adopted by developers in practice, what are the drivers that motivate them to do so, and which personal or professional traits could be associated with it.

Our research project comprises three steps:
(i) automated analysis of several github repositories, to retrieve instances of the new features and provide quantitative data about their adoption
(ii) survey aimed at C# developers, to understand who they are and their motivations for adopting new features in their professional activities
(iii) in-depth interviews (30 mins) with some of the survey respondents, to discuss some specific apsects of their decisions

We invite you to fill the survey; if you would like to participate in the interview, please leave your email address in the survey form.

Many thanks in advance for your help and contribution!

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