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Vonage Joins Bots Brasil Conference 2021

Have You Heard of Bots Brasil?

Since 2016, Bots Brasil has been one of the most significant communities in Latin America for conversational interfaces, artificial intelligence, and bots. They have organized events, shared content, and helped professionals and companies in the conversational industry.

Bots Brasil 2021 Conference

In 2021, Bots Brasil organized its 4th annual and first remote conference. This year's theme was "bringing conversations together". As the world has had to adapt to the pandemic, there's been a digital transformation on a global scale. The rise of new technologies and new media has brought communications closer to people at scale.

At Bots Brasil 2021 conference, we explored how the conversational market has helped people and companies to stay close even though they are far away. We were proud to be a gold sponsor.

There were eight tracks:

  1. Careers
  2. Success Cases and Learnings
  3. Curatorship and Computational Linguistics
  4. Diversity and Inclusion
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Integration and Development
  7. Trends and Market
  8. UX Design and Writing

Watch the Talks We’ve Given at the Conference

In this session, we learned to build a Facebook Messenger bot with the Vonage Messages API. This bot tells users whether the restaurant is currently delivering. If the restaurant is closed, it notifies the user when deliveries resume.

In this session, we discussed the Vonage AI solution and described a use case we have done for the Israeli Employment office, in which we reached over 1 million citizens monthly, using voice and WhatsApp bots. This success story was a great way to understand how to use conversational AI to increase the conversation rate and reduce costs in the business communication world.

In this session, we looked at how to assign a phone number to a chatbot created using Dialogflow, Google Cloud, Node.js, and Vonage API integrations. The architecture shown allows the user to call their agent by phone and integrate other services such as SMS and WhatsApp.

There were more than 1500 registrations and 60 live and recorded talks with Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) interpretation. You can check them out in this youtube playlist on Bots Brasil Youtube Channel.

Vonage Booth

Vonage had a booth with Amanda Cavallaro (me!), Daniel Barna, Fábio Flores, and Sidney Gomes during the event's three days.

We had the opportunity and privilege to talk to different people at different levels in their careers and talk about our APIs and bots from different angles and perspectives.

It was a very different experience to be in an online stand at a conference compared to the experience of physically being at a booth. We talked to many different people throughout the day like usual, but showing them the demos was a challenge to replicate online. Regardless, we formed new connections and made an impact!

Vonage's logo inside of a Bots Brasil 2021 Conference layout

Final Remarks

It was a remarkable experience to be part of the story of the 4th edition of the Bots Brasil Conference, we even created a video in Brazilian Portuguese explaining what our Developer Relations team does here at Vonage. Watch it below if you're interested!

Next Steps

If you'd like to know more about Bots Brasil, check out their LinkTree.

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