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Discussion on: Are you feel that is so dependent of packages, libraries or frameworks?

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With "normal" I meant, is a good thing don't try make the subject that you want just because there is a package on npm?
For me it's weird think that way. Most of the "programmers" now a days think that make something that exists is waste time, and that worries me.

I like to think they just want to be productive. The people that tell me that "reinventing the wheel" is a waste of time they usually follow that sentence with "I just want to deliver my product" or something like that. As long as they pick carefully the dependencies they put in their code I don't have a problem.

I come from C language where I had to think about algorithms and hard logics, and my feeling when I code in JS is like not so rewarding.
But maybe my head change.

You could try some areas where these algorithms come in handy. Maybe some data visualization, or game development, I'm sure something like that could bring you joy.