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Discussion on: How Do You Take Notes?

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Heiker • Edited

I write them in markdown files and upload them to github. They are basically drafts for future blog post. For me the "magic" comes when I actually turn them into blog posts, because I want to make sure everything I say is accurate, I search for multiple sources (and include the links). I mention edge cases that may arise. I try my best to explain things in a simple way. Make sure every code snippet actually runs and gives the expected result. For me, all that effort help the information stay in my brain.

After I'm done creating the blog post I usually upload it to github pages (with some fancy tools) where it can live as a static website anyone can visit. Also share the content here on

Personally, I'm a fan of Samantha Ming. She has a lot of content on her site of the things she has learned. And the cool thing is, the site has a search bar, so it's easy to look for specific content.

Quick update: has a handy filter that allows you to search a term in your own posts.{a search query}
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You know, I am guilty of not utilizing Github that often and I think that your way is a great way of using it. Thanks for mentioning Samantha, I am going to check her out! :)