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My girlfriend took the UT coding boot camp after I encouraged her to do so. Their curriculum did a great job of starting at the basics of web development as you would have done it 20 years ago, then gradually progresses introducing and solving issues with only the tools absolutely needed.

That said, graduating from a boot camp won’t get you a job. You’ll get yourself a job with the work you put in to improving your hard and soft skills. Boot camps can assist with that sure, but unless you have an innate curiosity and are motivated for the right reasons you won’t be able to make the most of it.

It should be said that you can get software engineering gigs without bootcamps. IBM, Facebook and others recently announced they dropped the 4 year college req. Believing in yourself and in the process will get you 75% of the way there. If bootcamps get you the last mile I think they’ve done their job.


Great observation, do you think more tech companies will drop the requirement for formal education with online learning and short courses becoming more prevalent?


I don’t think online learning and short courses or even bootcamps are the impetus for the requierment drop. I think the drop is more due to extremely intelligent, eager to learn individuals taking up computer science at younger and younger ages.

Some of these individuals certainly take advantage of bootcamps, some of them learn on their own, but a lot of them don’t feel the need to get an undergraduate degree. I don’t think that should hold them back from contributing and participating in software development.

I’m certain there’s high schoolers that could right cleaner, more performant code than me and I think that’s awesome.

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