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Exploring Rust

Hi All,

I am a veteran C++ developer currently exploring Rust. Looking for some open source projects that I can contribute to and learn from Rust Pros along the way.


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Ghost • Edited

In the web backend space there is a lot of projects still maintained by very few people and with a lot of potential, you could make a big impact there, and have the added bonus that there are both big and small projects. From the top of my head:

Tide web framework, made by a team also working in an Tokio alternative, async-std, you could dip your fingers in any part of the async stack.

Warp web framework, made by the same guy that did hyper, a low level framework that many higher level frameworks use, works with Tokio.

As I see it they are serious contenders for the Rust backend framework belt (together with Rocket and Actix_web)

For a bigger codebase you have Actix-web, recently "restructured dev team" its former maintainer and founder leave the project, so new hands may help, this is a more mature codebase than the other 2

Maybe some frontend may interest you; here you have a couple of project that looked very interesting to me but apparently lack of man power:

these 3 are lightweight template engines; awesome performance, small codebases and great potential. I would use them but they look like they need more devs.

This one, seems to have a healthier dev team, is just I really like what they are doing and I hope they succeed

All of my suggestions are merely based in my impressions, maybe some teams are just on vacation or just waiting for a big announcement, I'm not involved in any of those, currently I'm in no position to make any considerable contributions to them (too new, too poor and too little time), but I'm working on solve those :).

You can always browse in or for more ideas, I hope you find something interesting, I think you are in the perfect time, the tooling is great, the ecosystem is mature enough but also new enough that you could make a huge impact. Good luck.

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You may want to look at nushell. Its a new project that uses Rust.

Also, you may want to put the #discuss tag on this post.

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Vinayak Raghuvamshi