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Vite - No Bundle Setup for Vuejs, React and Preact

  • Hey Developers! I have uploaded a video for introducing vite-no bundle setup tool for vuejs, react and preact.

Install Vite:

  • Installing vite for vue template can be done by following command:
$ npx create-vite-app <app-name> 
  • Also, for react and preact, vite can be used to install those framework templates:
$ npx create-vite-app <app-name> --template=react

$ npx create-vite-app <app-name> --template=preact

Getting Started:

  • To install the dependencies and run the application, do follow the following commands:

$ cd <app-name>

$ npm install

$ npm run dev

Just Do

Alt Text

  • If you like this post and my youtube video, then do subscribe my youtube channel Vuelancer

Thank You!

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