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This is exactly what a dev would say.

Developers have kind of become hung up on how developer-y they can appear but it must means make/create really. As you said, it's just a word.

I know someone who writes one audited line a month & someone else who only pastes. Good devs are the ones that get the results needed, otherwise it is a badge.


Good devs are the ones that get the results needed

By this measure, I'm doing gangbusters work. It's a good point for everyone to remember I think.



It's the only real measure. The rest is glitter.

Does the parking ticket machine work or not?


I'm not really hung up on looking the part. But it would be nice if I could be more of one. I do "code" more frequently than I sometimes remember, but it's almost always vanilla CSS (I work on WordPress websites primarily).

On the plus side, even though I don't really feel like a developer, I know CSS much better now than I thought I would (though I generally don't do anything complicated).


Make a site about a topic you like on the side, code any parts you want.

CSS is very handy & will grow in power. 👍🔥

Lol and here I am trying to move to Tailwind so I can focus more on building...

I suppose you could be right. I see a lot of people make really neat things with CSS. But I'm not actually design-oriented, so using CSS all the time is kind of boring to me.

I suppose it doesn't matter what you use to make something, as long as your having a good time. Tailwind looks pretty cool, haven't actually used it for anything yet though.

Tailwind does make putting a UI together simpler.

If you do use it, definitely use it with Purgecss though. It gives you a ton of utility classes by default—color utilities for text, backgrounds, and borders; responsive variant utilities for pretty much everything... Using Purgecss when building your production CSS shrinks it to an unbelievably small size.

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