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Structuring Node.js Project

If you are looking for the NodeJS project structure based on the best practices to build the RESTful API. It might be helpful for you guys.

Some of the good practices followed in this repository:

  • Code Style Practices via Node Best Practices
  • ES6 Support.
  • Morgan Logger.
  • Error Handling.
  • Open API Specification implemented through apidocjs.
  • JWT Authentication.
  • Joi & Express Validation.
  • Environment variables via .env file.
  • Linting with Prettier.
  • Security (Helmet, CORS, Express Brute).
  • Husky as git hook for linting & running unit test before commit.
  • Unit & E2E Testing with Jest.
  • Backpack build system


  1. NodeJS
  2. Node Package Management (yarn or npm)
  3. Docker


  1. Clone the project git clone
  2. Install dependencies yarn install or npm i
  3. Copy .env.example to .env file.

Running Docker

docker-compose up -d.

Raven Log

Create account at Sentry, then put your url to .env file at variable SENTRY_DSN.

Api Doc

Api doc his hosted on surge. For change the url and have your own docs just modify your link in the .env file. Running the following command to publish your documentation.

# Generate document
yarn doc
# Deploy document to
yarn doc:deploy

# or
npm run doc
npm run doc:deploy

Pre-Commit Hook

Using husky for linting your code before commit & running unit test before push.



yarn dev

# or

npm run dev


Debug with VSCode. See VSCode Auto-Attach

yarn debug

# or

npm run debug


yarn test

# or

npm run test

NOTE: If you have the issue with ENOSPC, run the below command to avoid:

echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf && sudo sysctl -p

Test Watch

yarn test:watch


# run jest coverage
yarn test:cover

# show html report
yarn test:cover:open

# or

npm run test:cover

npm run test:cover:open


# generate documentation
yarn doc

# Publish documentation to
yarn doc:deploy


npm run doc

npm run doc:deploy

Find out more here

Happy Coding!

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