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Quick Test Your Bash Shell

Challenge Yourself

See following bash code and answer what the output is without running it

set -e

mutex_test() { return -23; }


echo $?

echo "Done"
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Top comments (2)

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Bobby Iliev

I use the shellcheck tool as described here:

You can use their website directly or you could install the CLI tool as well.

It is very handy, it gives you some suggestions on some best practices too.

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Ben Sinclair

If you run it via bash or make it executable and run it, it'll presumably either display nothing (which is what I expect to happen because -23 is non-zero and set -e means bomb out whenever anything returns non-zero) or possibly display -23 (if it doesn't count in a function, but I don't think that's the case).

If you source/dot the file to run it in the current context, you'll end up closing your shell.