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Nevertheless, Wafa Coded

I started learning code in 2017
I didn't know what to do, I was fresh out of high school, still uncertain about where I wanted to be in life.

Pascal being the only programming language I knew didn't really encourage me to try discovering other programming languages.

I learned about the existence of Git and OOP and so much more and I felt like I was swimming in a sea of knowledge (I don't even know how to swim) for a whole year at university, majoring in software dev. I was still lost still debating whether or not I chose the right path.

In 2018
I was still uncertain, anxious, still afraid I might not catch up, still feeling like I don't belong, this is an innovative field there will always be something new to discover, you need to keep yourself updated, you need this an that!

In 2019
I realized that I was wasting my time stressing over things I had no control over, coding is so much fun and I'm starting to learn how to enjoy it, you get to build things and learn new things, be surrounded with people who have so much knowledge to share, I realized while reading about the experiences of people, strong women that I was not alone, and for them I'm thankful.

now what was once a cause of stress, has become a stress reliever

(well...only sometimes ;D )

Moral of the story
Don't be afraid to try new things, things outside of your comfort-zone, because maybe you'd like what you find, maybe you won't but at least you tried, learned something along the way and discovered something new about yourself. 💖

To future me
(Learn how to swim...maybe)

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