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“Practical Cryptography” Course Released

qvault practical cryptogrpahy course

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We just launched our new Practical Cryptography course, a code-in-the-browser tutorial where students build cryptographic functions in the Go programming langauge. Practical Cryptography stands out among online cryptography courses because it not only teaches crypto fundamentals, but it allows users to get hands-on experience building out the code.

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What’s Included?

The course has four modules covering the following topics:

  • Cryptography History and Overview
  • Stream Ciphers and XOR math
  • Block Ciphers and Key Schedules
  • Hashes and Key Derivation Functions

We are already planning a sequel to this course which will cover public-key cryptography and some other more advanced concepts.


golang gopher

Coding projects in this course are all written in Go, a language that is soaring in popularity among devops, backend, and security engineers. If you aren’t familiar with Go yet, take our Go Mastery course first! All coding is done directly in the app, no need to mess around with configuring a local dev setup.

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