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Online Course - Ionic and React, Idea to App Store

A while ago I made a post I titled “Confessions of a Reluctant Ionic-React Fan”. That post led to an experiment where I began to recreate using Ionic-React a subset of one of my existing Ionic v4 apps written in Angular. That in turn led to my latest online video course, Ionic and React, Idea to App Store. This is my most ambitious course idea yet, which I explain in more detail below.

For some background, I have also posted a series of articles about my early experience with Ionic-React.

  1. Confessions of a Reluctant Ionic-React Fan
  2. Ionic-React, a Brief Introduction
  3. Upgrading to Ionic 5

Course Overview

The course will take you from having zero knowledge of the Ionic Framework, through building your first application, to integrating with mobile device features, to deploying it to popular web hosting services, and then finally all the way to the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

  1. This lesson will cover the absolute basics: Setting up your development environment to be as effective as possible. We will end with a simple “Hello Ionic” application.

  2. We will jump right into the application structure, explaining how an Ionic application is laid out. We will introduce some of the simpler UI components, and create a basic side-menu for the demo application.

  3. This lesson is all about application storage. Ionic provides a simple storage mechanism that work across web browsers and devices. We will use this to maintain persistent application data that will survive device restarts.

  4. If you don’t need specific hardware capabilities than those otherwise available through the web browser, you can choose to release your application as a Progressive Web Application. Though not a comprehensive deep dive into PWAs, this lesson will show you how to deploy the Ionic app we’ve been building to both Firebase Hosting and Microsoft Azure.

  5. While the web is getting more and more capable every day, some functions still require access to the underlying device your app is running on. This lesson will be an introduction to device integration with Capacitor. We’ll provide a brief comparison to Cordova, and describe why Ionic thought it necessary to create a new device compatibility layer. We will integrate with the device camera and learn how to send text messages.

  6. In the final lesson, we will bundle the application to be released to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This will require creating multi-device icons and screenshots, to be used in the respective stores’ listings. You will learn how to bundle and sign the application, which is required to be accepted into the stores.

At each step of the way, the concepts will be explained and demonstrated, enabling you to follow along with the course demo application, or with your own app in parallel. In the end, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to build your own application with the Ionic Framework.

An Ambitious Goal

With this course, I’m going to try something different. Instead of asking everyone to wait months for the entire course to be finished, I plan to release each small lesson as it is completed.

This will require eyes and ears to make sure the quality and accuracy remain high. I am hoping to sign up eager developers to help shape the course as I go.

As the course gets underway, I am offering discounted early access to the course. In exchange for this early access and reduced pricing, I ask that you review the course lessons regularly for accuracy, consistency, and continuity. I also ask that you share the invitation on social media, and regularly provide updates. The more people we can get looking at the materials, the better the course will be.

As each lesson is completed, the price for the entire course will be increased slightly. Those who get in early will pay nothing extra to access the rest of the lessons as they are released.

I admit this is an ambitious goal, but I hope you will be willing to take this exciting journey with me.

Sign Up Today

  1. The first method is simple. If you are as excited by this course as I am, purchase the video course now.

  2. If you are interested, but are not yet willing to commit fully, you may sign up for my mailing list, and get updates on everything I'm doing.

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