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Discussion on: Should I use PHP to make a website in 2020 ?

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Gregor Beyerle

Speaking as someone who doesn't really like PHP: modern PHP is pretty fast and not any worse than any other backend languages. If you already know it and need to get something done there is no harm in using PHP. Just don't roll all your own stuff (especially authentication, DB access, etc). If you aren't already using it take a look at CakePHP or Laravel. If your daily driver is a Windows machine I'd suggest you might want to develop using another language, because doing PHP on Windows is very annoying (disclaimer: my opinion).

If you're looking for an alternative: Python is nice. Django is a Ruby-on-Rails like one-stop-shop solution for classical web applications which should carry you for a while. Other than that the language is more general purpose than PHP - this is only a pro if you want to do something different than backend heavy web applications, though.

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Andrej Rypo

Python might currently be the most popupar lang in general, but if you already know some PHP, I would recommend using it for web projects of any size.

I would suggest using it for what it is best: backend & data serving. If you are building a frontend-heavy interactive web app (not like a blog), use JS for the front end, or use JS for the interactive parts (like Vue). The interactivity is where PHP (but also Python or any backend lang) lacks.

As for Windows, I am a long term Win/PHP programmer and I can say there is no problem with windows and PHP at all. Nowdays you either use Docker or some other VM anyway, or can comfortably install native PHP (even multiple versions of it) and nginX or Apache. I might even post on this topic in near future.