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re: Early in the morning, right after the stand-up. I made a totally different experience on this one. After watching our "meeting culture" a while,...

Why do you need meetings that "are not productive?"


I think I expressed myself wrong: Of course meetings should always be productive or canceled.

What I wanted to point out is, that in my experience it is more productive to program with a "fresh" mind and have meetings later :-)

It depends on the meeting. What if you need to make some decisions before you can program even? So they are blockers?

In general, though, I agree, that if programming activity is more productive than meeting activity, then it should go first. Still, meeting at the end of the day is basically useless (if it involves any decision-making), so having it somewhere at 2-3 as a middle ground might be a better idea.

Well in our case if we have to make decisions, we make it the day before ๐Ÿ˜Š

It's really the same thing, just a different time...

I'm just coming out of our daily and a short "close-up" afterwards, because we had to discuss a little something for the work of my colleague for tomorrow. Now he knows what to do, has a bit time left to prepare his task and can start right in the morning having all the information he needs.

Of course this is a bit of personal taste - but as I wrote, it's just my experience that this works better for us.

This makes sense. It seems like you have the energy at the end of the day to make these decisions. And probably these donโ€™t take much time (weโ€™re not talking about 2-3h meeting in the evening that forces everyone to overtime (w/o being paid for it), right?).

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