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Discussion on: My Three Strikes Rule for Blogging

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Waylon Walker

Well done as usual @swyx . I have slowly been getting smaller and more frequent posts going. I 100% agree that no ones got time for that monolith post. I've been doing a bit better job at cross-linking posts in hopes that it helps create that idea of a larger post but spread across a few pages.

Recently I made it such that I just drop a link on one line in markdown and github actions expands out my links for me in a way that seems to look ok across different markdown renderers.

I like this third strike rule. I definitely have a few topics that I have held back on. When I am working with someone I think I should just point them to an article.... Wait haven't made that one yet. I need to lower the barrier and just do it.

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swyx Author

thanks! yeah just knock one out a day, make it easy for yourself rather than hard.