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Discussion on: What are your WORST git fails?

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Waylon Walker

I had a dev leaving the company. I instructed hime to setup git and we would put all of his side work into our central repo. we setup one of his projects, I left. He setup all of his other projects. came back the next day and git wasn't working. It appeared he had missed git init. This is there things went sideways. He continued to go ahead and git init, the somehow over the next day his entire project directory disappeard. I have no idea what commands caused this, but the history was wiped. He inadvertantly setup a monorepo wtih all of his projects as a submodule. This is not a situation you want to be in on your first day in git.

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Keff Author

Lol, I can relate so much!!!!

It's like they summon whole new features xD