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This was the last push that I needed. It's been in the back of my mind that I needed a new domain for my side projects. They all really fit under a good one that was available, so I bit the $12/year bullet and got a good domain for them.

They are all setup with netlify, so it was super simple. Create an exact copy of the website, let the domain stuff settle down then create a redirect.

git checkout <my-repo>
cd <my-repo>
git checkout --orphan redirect
git rm -rf .
echo "*    https://<shiny-new-domain>" > _redirects
git add .
git commit -m "setup redirect"
git push -u redirect

Now log into the old site on nelify and switch the production branch to redirect.

The above links now redirect automatically to the new domain.... now I need a site at the root.

I wanted to do this soon as they were starting to show up in the first fold of google search in some cases, not sure how google handles redirects. Everything with SEO seems a bit mysterious and better to be safe than sorry.

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