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10 Interesting WayScript Build Examples


One of the great things about WayScript is that it’s community-based, allowing members to clone tools and create fully customizable scripts that give users the ability to automate tasks and more. In this article I’m going to outline 10 cool programs created by WayScript and community members that perform a range of functions, from integrating multiple platforms to running scripts through smart devices.

Ecommerce price tracker – WayScript

The ecommerce price tracker is a great tool for the hobby online shopper or the small business owner searching for supplies. This program automatically sends you e-mail updates when products you’re searching for drop in price, allowing you to stay on top of price changes and save money. The program can be set to run daily and uses Diffbot API to check prices of product URLs that you’ve listed. You’ll never need to worry about missing out on savings after running this script.

View this script here.

Social charts – David

For those building their brands on social media, analytics is a necessity. With the social charts tool users have the ability to track the number of their YouTube and Twitter followers, then graph this data in Google Sheets. This can be important in determining trends over time along with any changes in followers after producing new content. The social charts program is fairly straightforward; simply login and authorize your YouTube and Twitter accounts, then create a Google Sheet. To see a chart example from this script, click here.

View this script here.

COVID-19 Twitter bot – Erik_toor

2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty due to COVID-19, so staying informed of the latest updates regarding the virus has been imperative. Anyone distributing information to large audiences needs a way to do it quickly. This bot gathers information on daily cases and deaths for you before posting the results to Twitter. Users can also choose how often to run the script.

View this script here.

Connect database to Google Sheets – Derricks

Google Sheets is a simple tool to use, and this program is one of the simplest on this list. However, it’s also one of the most practical and valuable. Large databases consisting of data from multiple sources can be tedious to try and sort through. This script makes that task much easier. It allows the user to connect their database to a Google Sheet, where they’re able to sort and more using Google’s simple interface.

View this script here.

Stripe workflow – Derricks

For small businesses with online marketplaces, Stripe is one of the most popular software services to use for payment processing and business management. The Stripe workflow script takes full advantage of this software and notifies the user of their Stripe balance at any time. By using two “if” statements, the script detects when the account is above or below a certain amount and sends the user an e-mail. The e-mail subject lines and bodies can also be customized to provide you with the exact information you need. Managing your money is critical when running a small business. Having the ability to be automatically notified when your accounts move past their budget parameters gives you some peace of mind and allows you to focus on other aspects.

View this script here.

Amazon Alexa bot/Google Assistant bot - WayScript

Smart technology is becoming standard in many places. You can find a smart home device just about everywhere, so it only makes sense to have it run your WayScript program. With the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant bot, you can integrate various databases and programming languages and activate them with your voice. You’ll first need to select the Google or Amazon account through the smart device trigger and then link the account. From here, you can run Python scripts and more through Alexa and Google Assistant. Now your script is only a voice command away!

View this script here.

Trello Automation from Slack – Derricks

Slack and Trello are two of the top business platforms being used today and for good reason. By joining the abilities of both using a WayScript program, it provides users with even more functionality. This script searches keyword messages from a Slack channel and then adds these messages to a Trello board. Instead of scouring a channel for a message, users can now see any relevant messages displayed on their Trello project board. This makes streamlining your workflow even easier. To begin, simply connect your Slack workspace, choose a channel, then select keyword messages from that channel. Add the Trello board of your choosing and you’re good to go!

View this script here.

Post approaching Google Calendar events to a Slack channel – Mangabo_kolawole

Keeping with the Slack theme, it also has the ability to integrate calendars from multiple sites and softwares, including Google Calendar. It may be helpful to be reminded frequently about a big upcoming event or deadline. This program does exactly that. It takes the next two events in your Google Calendar and posts them onto your Slack channel every day at 10:00 AM. This way everyone stays up to date on events and deadlines!

View this script here.

Stock Price - Jeff

For those that are stock traders, this program is a really simple tool that provides real-time information on any stock you want. All you have to do is text the stock symbol to 415-WYS-CRPT (415-997-2778) and you’ll receive a text displaying the current stock price. It’s a quick, easy option that keeps you updated.

View this script here.

SMS when order volume increases – Derricks

Business owners will also find this program handy, especially those that handle large numbers of orders. This script takes a database of product orders and inventory, then sends a text message when the inventory amount is less than the order amount. Users are notified any time they may run out of stock, allowing them to stay on top of product ordering.

View this script here.

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