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Integrate Trello Cards with Google Sheets


In this post we will be exploring a proof of concept to write card names between Trello and Google Sheets. By using WayScript the solution is clean, easy, and seamless between the two platforms.


You will need a Trello account and board and a Google account and Google Sheet to work with. To learn more about this please us the following resources

Since we will be using two triggers we should create a second function by clicking the ‘+’ in the top left of WayScript interface

Let’s also go ahead and import the Google Sheets and Trello packages by using the libraries tab

For this post we will also Create Variables and use the Python module, If, and Print to Log modules

Getting Started

Let’s get started by adding a Google Sheets trigger to trigger on new rows in our sheet to our left function

Create Boolean

We’re going to create a toggle variable to easily toggle if the card name doesn’t exist in Trello

Search Trello Cards

We need to get existing Trello cards to avoid duplicates

Python Check for Difference

Nice Python one-liner which creates a list of differences from two lists without iteration and changes toggle to true if differences exist (easy way to check if card doesn’t exist in Trello)

variables[ 'card' ] = list( set( variables[ 'Row_Data' ) - set( variabled[ 'Card_Names' ] ) ) 
if variables[ 'card' ][0]:
 variables[ 'toggle' ] = True

Check Toggle

We add an If condition to check our toggle state

Create Card (True)

If toggle is true then create Trello card

Print to Log (False)

Card already exists in Trello

Trello Trigger

Now that we have the Google Sheet trigger function we need to create the Trello trigger to insert rows into Google Sheet from Trello

Since, we will be needing an output we will need to modify Trello advanced settings

Create Variable

We are going to create a List variable as a placeholder for our Google Sheet row

Get Card Name

Again we will be using some easy Python code to parse our JSON data and append to our Google Sheet row data

import json data = json.loads( variables[ 'JSON_Data' ] variables = [ 'trello_row' ].append( data['action']['data']['card']['name'] )

Write Google Sheet

Let’s write our card name from Trello as a new row in Google Sheets


You should now be able to create rows and cards to/from Trello and Google Sheets

As always, if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions, please let us know on WayScript or through our discord. If you would like to view this WayScript simply follow the link Trello Cards and Google Sheets.

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kritikgarg • Edited

👌Awesome job, Derrick! 👏 Integrating Trello cards with Google Sheets is a game-changer for productivity. Thanks for the step-by-step guide and the helpful tips on how to customize the integration. Can't wait to give it a try! 💻📊👍
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