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WayScript Raises $5M Seed Round

What is WayScript?

WayScript is a platform that empowers developers to rapidly turn scripts running on a local machine into full-fledged internal business applications.

With WayScript, developers can seamlessly build, deploy, and maintain custom internal tools for wide ranging use cases including running cloud functions, workflow automations, serverless applications, and data processing.

WayScript’s friendly user interface handles the scaffolding of server deployment, event triggering, API integrations, interfaces, and more while always allowing developers to get low-level with code (in the programming language of their choosing).

The platform is also developing an admin layer for managing permissions, onboarding, teams, and collaboration.

Supported by a growing community of developers, WayScript gives developers superpowers to turn local scripts into company-wide applications. Thousands of businesses’ developers are already using WayScript for mission critical applications.

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