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WayScript Teams Feature Launch

Build Apps Faster with Collaboration

Here at WayScript, we're excited about the launch of the new teams feature! With teams, you'll be able to work alongside others on your team to build and execute apps, all in the cloud! This is another step in achieving the best experience for you as we continue to build a platform with unlimited potential. What functionality comes with teams? Let's see!

Invite Others to Join your Team

We work to make WayScript as powerful as possible. With usage scaled infrastructure, programming language integrations, and powerful modules, we want to provide a platform that can handle any need. With such a variety of use cases, collaboration with others is a must. With teams, we strive to make it easy for you to invite others and immediately begin sharing resources.

To invite others to your team, click the '+' icon on your profile page:

Add team member

Once here, we can pass in an email address which is registered to WayScript to see and confirm the profile name. If the user is unregistered, we'll send them an invite!

Share Scripts

Now that you're in a team or have created a team, you'll be able to access and create scripts under that team account. The scripts you create and run under the team will count towards the team's runtime and not your personal account.

As a team owner, be sure to only invite trusted individuals to your team. Each member will have access to all team scripts, creating new scripts under the team, and executing scripts under the team.

Executing Team Scripts

Like stated above, members of your team will have access to execute team scripts. Previously, to share scripts in this way was a tough interaction, especially if you were trying to share scripts with a nontechnical individual. Publicly shared scripts which are cloned come with some disadvantages at the time of writing this article. One of those disadvantages is the ability of sharing files alongside the app.

With teams, the files associated to the team account can be accessed by all in the team. This makes building applications using these files with others and everyone having the ability to execute a breeze!

We're working hard at improving some more core experiences around files too, so stay tuned!

Big Picture

We're excited about the teams experience. Please be sure to tell us what you think. We value your feedback in making WayScript the best it can be!

  • Team members can share resources linked to the team account, including runtime allowances.
  • An improved collaborative experience for team members, as opposed to the previous sharing features.
  • Build applications with others on your team, allowing sharing before a 'published' state is ready.

We hope you give WayScript a try!

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