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Write Web Form Data to Airtable Databases with WayScript


Collecting data from forms and saving it manually can be a harassed task. If you are sick at manually collects data, integrate Wayscript Forms with Airtable can save you a lot of time.

Today, we’ll collect data from Wayscript Form and seamlessly save it in Airtable.


No prerequisites but here are some contents you might find uselful :


Wayscript platform comes with a Form trigger. Working with this, we can build any forms with any fields to collect what we want. Add it as Trigger and let’s add a title and a description to create context for the users.

Configuring Form Trigger

After this, we are going to add Form inputs.

You can add as many Form Element you want. Wayscript allows you to choose the type of input. Here we’ll work with radio input only.

Radio input

Radio input

Radio input

After finishing the forms, be sure the password protection is on, so anyone can access the form without a password.

Here is how the page should look.

Form Page

The next step will be to configure Airtable.


To use the Airtable module, we need to configure it.

You’ll provide your API key, Base Key, and the name of the Base. Check the documentation here to see how to configure it.

Airtable API

We want to write data, that’s why we’ve chosen the Submission Type to Build Data.

The next step is to add the inputs. My table looks like this.

Table Image

We must add the columns and link them to each related inputs in the form.

Fields inputs

Done. Be sure the trigger is on, and now you have a form integrated with Airtable ready to collect data.


Check the form of this article here. Questions about this script or anything else? Join our discord. We're always around to help. If you want to work the full script template, just find it here.

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