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Wannabe Entrepreneur 🎙️
Wannabe Entrepreneur 🎙️

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All Devs Make The Same Mistake

I am working with starting indie makers for more than one year now and most of them (including me) have a software background.

The biggest problem that devs face when turning entrepreneurs is that they try to solve every problem with MORE features. 🤦‍♀️

Since we suck and tbh do not like marketing we always assume that the reason why we are lacking users is because we are missing that ONE special feature.

Spoiler alert!! It is not! 🤣

The reason why you are lacking (paying) users is either because you are not able to get them on your website or because the problem you are solving simply has no demand...

It's sad but it is true... 😿

The cool thing is that there is a solution for this!! 😱😱

It's called the Audience First Approach and it's a method that most successful entrepreneurs use...

I have created a simple step-by-step guide that you can easily follow and avoid all the common mistakes that all devs do.

The guide is very hands-on, so don't worry... There is not a lot for you to read 😉

Good luck and welcome to the indie hacking world!

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