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Review - Portainer Business Edition version 2.10

On the 15th Nov 2021, @portainerio Business Edition version 2.10 was released.

In this new release, there are new features and improvements done looking at the previous version. These are some of the new features:

  1. Improved UI
  2. GitOps Integration
  3. Forced Redeployment
  4. Change Window Settings
  5. Kubectl Shell
  6. Proxy for container environments
  7. Helm Charts support
  8. Custom Templates
  9. K8S private registry support
  10. HTTPS support
  11. Removal of Advanced Mode
  12. Dark Mode You can check out more information on the new release in this YouTube Video:

Among all these new features, let me talk about few of them that really does improve my use of Portainer. First and foremost, I will talk about Dark Mode. Since I spend so much time in front of a screen, dark mode really was a big update in my opinion. Now I can use Portainer without having to worry about brightness.

Another big update was the Kubectl Shell support in Portainer now. These are those updates that makes all the difference whiling using a tool. Now you can easily access the Kubectl Shell without having to leave Portainer at any point. Now I don't have to have kubectl installed on my PC. With this new feature, you can use the embedded kubectl on iPad or Chromebook or any other device which is pretty awesome.

Last but not least, the other big update is the UI. I know most people don't think the UI doesn't matter but I know for myself it influences me how much time I spend using a tool. The menu is now well arranged and you can collapse the tabs not being used so that you can focus well while working.

My experience is much better now. But it doesn't stop there, there is a major update where now anyone can have 5 free lifetime nodes on the Business version and now you can use them as you test all the features Portainer Business Edition has to offer. This is great news for everyone who is always wondering which tool to give a go since most you only have access to the free version and be able to find out if indeed it does fit the organization needs.

If you wish to test the Portainer Business Edition, use this link to get started:

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