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Compress images in React: React Image File Resize

Okay for this one I highly recommend, the speeds is just amazing. I loved it. I am gonna do a comparison real quick, between browser-image-compression and react-image-file-resizer.

browser-image-compression react-image-file-resizer
Really fast Compressed the same took a while
Quality option on the config Only offers size limit
Return base64 or Blob Returns Blob only do the conversion yourself
No need to handle Promise Must handle Promise
Specify compress format (png, webp, jpeg) The compress format provided is the one returned

Below is an image I was able to compress with the following config

width -> 480px
height -> 480px
file format -> Set to JPEG
quality -> 50
rotation -> 0
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Actual size: 1.6mb

(Click here)
Click on the link its a huge image and I just want the load time for this blog to be faster.

Compressed size: 16.3kb

Let's jump into how you can plug it into your React app

React Image File Resizer

  1. Install the package
   yarn add react-image-file-resizer
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  1. Create your react component
   import React from "react";

   // ...

   class App extends React {
     // ...
     render() {
       return (
         <div className="App">
           // ...
           <h3>React Image File Resizer</h3>
           <br />
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  1. Start compressing
   import Compress from "react-image-file-resizer";

   onFileResize = e => {
       const file =[0];

     file, // the file from input
     480, // width
     480, // height
     "JPEG", // compress format WEBP, JPEG, PNG
     70, // quality
     0, // rotation
     (uri) => {
       // You upload logic goes here
     "base64" // blob or base64 default base64
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Again I highly recommend this library especially because it supports compressing to WEBP(files of this format are really fast).

Note: Set quality to 100 if you want to compress to PNG/WEBP(Lossless) else set the compress format to JPEG(Lossy)


We will cover understanding Lossy and Lossless compression.

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kira25 profile image

Dude, you are awesome. I've been looking for this solutions for many days.


naothop profile image
Naotho Machida

In import I use

import Resizer from "react-image-file-resizer";

wchr profile image

Fixed, sorry if it misled anyone

naothop profile image
Naotho Machida

Hi! Thank you very very much!!!!

babazookz profile image
Adam Mehtić

Is there a way to bulkify Image Resize action?

For example I send image list to the engine and it returns promise when its done with all the neccessary parameters?

tonystark450 profile image

Hi , i didn't understand the code because i am new to react js and only used functions until now . Can you please keep zip file of all the files used in the code .It will help me greatly.

walidzhani profile image
Walid Zhy7


Can I put an URL instead of the file input?

Thank you.