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HNG Internship Goals

If you're a developer with an eye out for internships, you must've heard of the HNG internship and the drills they put developers through to make them world class software engineers.
The internship is open to anyone and aims at creating a virtual work environment that fishes out the best candidates from a pool of participants. Operated by the zuri team, the internship is one developers around the world keep an eye out for.
You must be wondering if I am a participant, well, you guessed right, I am in the 8th cycle of the HNG internship and I'll be stating my goals in this article.

Become a better developer

It's undeniable, working with other awesome developers around the world make one better, you get to learn a lot of things quickly and HNGi (HNG Internship) provides a fast paced environment with the talent for such.

Network with Great Minds

There is an excess supply of super awesome developers, designers and the likes in such an environment and I wouldn't let the opportunity to network pass me by.

Work on Awesome Products

Building software is every developers' joy, even better when you're building it with great developers.

Scale this Challenge

I have always considered HNG internship a challenge and I don't take challenges lightly. I was in a previous installment but crashed out halfway, this time, I am seeing it through to the end.

In conclusion, I aim to generally get better at what I do, which is building APIs and web apps with MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS.

In case you're wondering, the internship is open to beginners but keep in mind it is a fast-paced environment and as such you should be willing to learn at lightening speed. Basic knowledge of git and github is a plus, check out this tutorial to get started with git.
Basic knowledge of figma is also an added advantage, get up to speed with figma here.
Check out this tutorial to get the basic knowledge of HTML.
I would also recommend getting the most basic know-how (atleast for a start) on a backend language like NodeJS

With all those, you're more than ready to go, take the leap and dive right in. See you on the other side!

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