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My issues regarding my personal website (media Queries)

I'm getting in the habit of documenting my work.

I have been working on my portfolio site for the past 2 months now; I'm practically finished with the code only a few thing left but for the past couple of days I've been having an issue making the site responsive for small devices. I purposely been procrastinating.
I think that i'm doing it all wrong and I am at the point of giving up.

Still trying to figure out where did I went wrong, I used
@media screen and(max-width: 480px).

List of Issues

  1. Width

    • The width is not fluid and there is an overflow on the X axis.
    • Content doesn't align properly when width of screen changes below 480px.
  2. Height

    • I have to keep changing the View Height if I change width. No synchrony.
  3. Images

    • the site uses svg content, they stay in place but doesnt scale down correctly and sometimes they disappear.

and these are the main issues among many others.
I used flexbox.

If you can have any suggestions, links, and videos please feel free to share. I'm making this a thread to follow up with my journey until the release of my website.

You can also follow me on twitter @

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