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9 Reasons for Selecting WordPress for Small Business

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Want to take your business online?

Is it just a startup or a small one? You have a well-established business but want to take it online effectively? Then you are at the right place.

WordPress will be helpful for your work. It can help you to develop your website and manage clients through it. WordPress is the world's most used Website builder. Sometimes WordPress is referred to as a Content management system which is the main aim of WordPress development.

There are many CMS platforms to take your business online, but WordPress is the easiest and effective one. Here are 9 top reasons for selecting WordPress for Small businesses.

We compare two things when they provided almost the same features, but apart from that, WordPress already killed the competition. According to one survey, almost 60% of websites are built on the WordPress CMS platform.

Other most used CMS systems are Joomla (market share of 5.9%) and closely followed by Drupal and Magento's.

9 reasons for selecting WordPress for Small businesses.

1. SEO Friendly

SEO is the most important aspect while making a website. If we want to grow our business, we must rank our website on the top pages of search engines, especially Google, yahoo, and bing.

WordPress platform is totally SEO friendly. For ranking your site, Search engine crawlers want to check your site's and the CMS system of WordPress provides an easy framework for it. Before sometime Google officials also endorsed WordPress, which is fantastic.

2. Adaptable

WordPress can be used asap as it's installed. There is a feature to select appropriate themes for your website and the required plugins for it. WordPress is efficient in serving any process that you want while improving your business.

There is a feature of plugins that is always helpful to integrate anything that you want. In addition, social share, social follow, forms, payment gateways, sliders, and many other features are also available free of cost (for extra features, you have to pay for plugin developers) with WordPress.

3. Secure and Safe

As you become famous, hackers want to steal something from you. In an online world, we must need safety and security protection to keep our site safe. WordPress keeps it updated from time to time by fixing its security issues and bugs in its System. This point is more helpful for the safe side.

For a long time, WordPress got attacked by hackers, but WordPress has been working fine for a long time without any security issues, and they promise their customers safety. Furthermore, WordPress continuously checks the plugins connected with them, removes the untrusted plugins, and recommends you upload plugins from trusted sources.

4. Simple to Customize and Use

Simplicity is the most significant factor for love towards WordPress. Suppose you want just a simple interface and drag and drop system, then with some special plugins, you can do it in WordPress. Newbies can also develop their websites through WordPress quickly.

In WordPress, there are so many free and paid themes available that some web page builder plugins can easily customize. In addition, you can integrate some other plugins as you want in any website.

5. Mobile Friendly Website

Having a site mobile-friendly is excellent nowadays. Google also recommends having your site mobile-friendly. Almost 99% of themes provided on WordPress are mobile-friendly automatically. So you don't want to worry about mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly problems faced while using other CMS.

For those themes that are not mobile-friendly, WordPress can enable the "mobile view" option to make them mobile-friendly on mobiles. In addition, if you have used the Google Search console or webmaster tool, you might be aware that Mobile-Friendly Page is also a ranking factor.

6. Multiple User System

If a single person is not using such a website, then the WordPress Multi-User system is for you. This System provides different access levels to different users according to you. Of course, you have to install some plugins from WordPress itself for this.

There are users like Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, and contributor with different access levels.

Working in a group will be more effective in business, so WordPress provided this facility to enhance user engagement.

7. Free of Cost

Well, we all know that WordPress needs hosting. But there is also a free version of WordPress known as that does not require any hosting plan, and you can use it for testing purposes.

WordPress is a CMS platform that can be used for any commercial purpose or blog purpose free of cost. WordPress is an open-source system that can be improved as we need without paying a single penny.

Installing WordPress and using their plugins and themes with web design is free. We pay the charges only for WordPress hosting (which is not paid to WordPress), plugins (paid to owners), etc.

8. Multimedia Support

You can add images of any format, videos, gif, animations by uploading them or just pasting down the link from youtube and other famous platforms. There is no need for HTML tags also to embed your videos from youtube to WordPress site. In other CMS platforms, you have to pay for such features, while WordPress provides you this free of cost.

Any multimedia format can be uploaded or integrated on your webpage by adding some extra free plugins to the WordPress dashboard.

9. Zero Programming Languages Knowledge Required

You don't need any language like HTML, CSS, JAVA to develop an entire website. Of course, if you know more about the languages, then it may help you more, but it's not essential to start your site.

WordPress supports some drag and drop third-party page builders, which helps you to design pages without coding and by just the drag and drop technique.


WordPress can be used for building personal as well as commercial websites. WordPress has some features like integration, optimization, SEO-friendly nature, Effectiveness, Attractive professional Designs, Customer-centric support, and especially don't need to stick with a single hosting source.

WordPress can be used for creating a portfolio, contact, e-commerce, affiliate, membership, or blog website. Small business requirements are satisfied with WordPress; hence WordPress is worth it for Small Businesses.

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