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A Resolution for Better Years on Earth

An important exposition on a telos to escape the totality of a certain traditional context.

I declare and assert that a metaphysical halt and reassessment is needed for the Prosperity program—that the metaphysics of the present process of improving my socioeconomic status is in dire need of careful examination which may cease all current tasks. Specifically, my “What product should I make?” and my “Who should be my target market?” were terrible and deficient questions to ask, entailing an ultimately fatal will to truth of common mediocrity. I was wrong, metaphysically. Metaphysically I was, but my reasoning abilities were flawless in the physical realm of things due to my skill and devotion to reason. The foundation of the Prosperity program’s being was poorly constructed and inspired by bad and foul desire, a becoming of the world that you should conceive of as being no different from an engineering structure or subject built based on erroneous assumptions. Thus, my noble effort rightfully came crashing down, as it embarrassingly is, before it could even soar into the sky of great heights. I must bravely admit and reveal that scientism’s feeling of power granted to me (a childish, young, and very naïve me that you could imagine to be here) by its commonly bestowed human and personal identity of being knowledgeable and of having a consistent methodology, influenced and vitalized by the deceptive and betraying persuasion and appearance of the Cartesian Cogito, ergo sum upon which such dogmatism—one whose asserted propositions and hidden presumptions sustain only a decadent and weak spirited life that starves for any valuable nourishment—is contingent, empowering the human subject’s truths, faiths, and certainties, was a large determining factor of my unfavorable behavior and performance. I apologize to any spectators who may have looked upon me with curious and innocent reverence and for spiritual guidance, for I have failed to achieve a success of acceptable valuation. I promise that next time, as I shall try again, any scientific, engineering, physical, or empirical pursuit will not have its approach, methodology, and strength be developed independently from sound philosophy and metaphysics. Better questions will be asked. More segmentations of understanding and knowledge will be critiqued, with high performing skepticism, and certainties placed under great scrutiny. Paradigms and conceptual frameworks where the dominance of the atomistic subject is cherished and emphasized will be carefully regulated to allow more flexibility in results. Henceforth, reconstruction of all my entrepreneurial activities now begins with a healthy spirit of true and great progress. The Prosperity program’s objective was to converge to a local optimum, but it would undoubtedly and necessarily be asked “To what, exactly and ultimately?” and “What is the underlying essence of such convergence?” A new perspective is needed where the logical reasoning toward a foundation of existence is actually invalid and never considered at all in the first place. This is for the sake of establishing a future founded on a better foundation.

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